Papa's Natural Honey



We are not quite ready to let you order and pay on line, but we're working on it.

We are taking orders for Christmas gift giving this year.

Orders recieved before Dec. 1, 2018 will be processed and shipped or delivered locally by Dec. 15, 2018

This year our Christmas flavors will be:

Dark Chocolate Creamed Honey
Raspberry Chocolate Creamed Honey
Mint Chocolate Creamed Honey
Eggnog W/Bourbon Creamed Honey

We introduced 3 new flavors this year:

Blueberry Creamed Honey

We get Blueberry Blossom Honey from a supplier who places his hives into the Blueberry field. The bees gather the Blueberry nectar and turn it into Blueberry Blossom Honey. We then cream the honey and turn it into Blueberry Creamed Honey.......Just add a buscuit

Bourbon Creamed Honey
Our favorite Queen Bee said "If Jack Daniels can put honey into their bourbon, we can put bourbon into our honey. Glaze your chicken or steak......add to your favorite bourbon.

Spicy Hot Honey.
We infuse our wonderful wildflower honey with red pepper flakes. Just enough heat to spice up your pork ribs, chicken, vegtables, and yes, your ice cream and coffee.


About Us

Papa's Natural Honey was started by our Father Mr. Kazys Laukaitis in 1981 as a hobby in his back yard. He owned a small farm in Hinsdale Illinois. As time went on he had more honey than his 5 children and their famlies could consume.  So he started by putting up a sign, "Pure Honey", and people came to the door to buy his wonderful wildflower honey. In 2013 he finally asked us for help with the bees.  We kids never paid much attention to Papa's hobby.  All we knew about honey was that twice a year we would get a gallon to take home to feed to our kids.  We started to help by working with him at Farmers Markets and by putting some hives in some new locations. Today our Children and their Children are helping with the Family bees and the Family Honey. We have 4 generations working with the honey, Papa is very proud.

Papa's Natural Honey can be found in several local independent grocers and other specialty stores, both in regular and creamed form. Please look for us at The Craftsman (A Two Brothers Restaurant) in Downtown Naperville, Casey's Foods in Naperville, Mike's Market in Villa Park, Peter Rubi's in Plainfield, Casey's Market in Western Springs, and Kramer's Foods in Hinsdale, The Farm in Darien, at all the Buikema Ace Hardware stores, The Olive Gallery in Yorkville, Great Harvest Breads, Both locations of The Growing Place, Spice Merchants in Downers Grove and at Ellie's Deli in South Naperville. Our regular honey is also used by several local restaurants as part of their food preperations.